Dear Beatrice // 3 Years!

My dearest Beatrice (BB)-

I can not even begin to describe how magical the past year has been. We celebrated you with a “buzz-bee birthday party” on Saturday. We had games and treats and friends and family. Gigi and uncle Dirk came to celebrate you. It was the best. 

I love you so deeply it is devastating. It is a love so big and all consuming. You are so funny and fun and a bright, bright shining star.

You ask me all the time: “Mama, are you happy?”

and I so, so am. I so am. Hearing you and your little brother giggling as you play together is everything. The look on your face when I come in the door at the end of the door is everything. Dancing as a family in the kitchen on a saturday morning=everything. 

As I write this you came walking out of your room (bedtime is hard right now). “Mama,” you said. “I love you so much, Mama,” you said. 

You’re a force, Beatrice. You are smart and strong and powerful. You are loving and sweet and funny. 

I am so, so lucky to have the chance to hang out with you all the time. 

I can’t wait to watch you grow. 

Happy 3 my heart-