30 Before 30


I set out some admirable goals for myself. Some I accomplished easily, others I struggled with, and even more that I never had time to even attempt.

Many unexpected things have happened to us over the last few months, and like all great life list goals, sometimes life gets in the way of our timeline. Regardless of how many goals I was able to cross off, I’m really proud of this list. I want to celebrate the goals I was able to accomplish, say goodbye to some goals, and put some of the others on my list for next year! Instead of stressing myself out over the next thirty days trying to squeeze these all in, I’m going to be grateful that I’ve got more fun to look forward to next year.

Now it’s time for me to enjoy October. It is after all my favorite month and the last month of my twenties(!).

Here’s a look at my 30 Before 30 Goals and my closing thoughts on each of them:

1. print at least 1 photo of myself from each of my first 29 years and do something cool with them
Update: This task was an impossible task that turned out to be too tricky without flying to Alabama to dig through old albumns. I’ll revisit this one someday. For now it’s going on my lifelist

2. cut out alcohol for 30 days at home

3. work out (no cheating) every day for at least 30 consecutive days (try different routines during this 30 day period to see what you like best>>make a list)
Update: This goal is moving to next year’s list. I’m looking forward to starting this up again. 

4. plan my own birthday celebration 
CHECK. and it’s going to be epic.

5. complete my golden year progress and make some sort of craft, book, blogging page that summarizes it
Update:  I’m working on a page now, and I’ll have it finalized before the end of the year.

6. figure out what comes after Golden Year (project rest of my life?)
Update: Yep. Project Rest of My Life will do. 30, here I come. 

7. learn conversational french
CHECK: If by conversational I meant that I was able to survive in France, then I guess I accomplished this. I loved learning a bit of french for our trip. 

8. make the time to invest in your writing. Prioritize it. Unplug. Go to the quiet. Write just to write. . . and then to share.
CHECK. I’m working on it. Check out my weekly writing prompts and join me in trying to find more time to write.

9. learn how to shoot in manual
CHECK: I took Photo 101 from Nicole’s Classes, which walks you through everything you could want to know about shooting in manual. I’ve been practicing and so far I’m really loving shooting in manual. I only occasionally get lazy and shoot in AV. 🙂

10. redesign. reimagine. re-envision. and refocus Not Merely Living
CHECK: I’ve been working with Elembee since mid-August, and I’m so excited by the progress we’ve made. Stay tuned!

11. drink champagne under the eiffel tower
CHECK: Done and Done. 

12. make a restaurant list 
CHECK: Done! Tah Dah! –> My San Francisco Restaurant List.

13. make a california travel list
Update: This is one on the list I think I can still do this month. Stay tuned. 

14. start a series where I interview my loved ones: parents, grandparents, siblings, friends. real people
Update: It’s in the works! My first interview will be on the blog this month. This series was inspired by this interview with my Grandmother.

15. try codecademy for reals. once a day for 30 days
Update: I didn’t do this one, but it’s moving to next year’s list.

16. come up with a 365 project for 2014
Update: Instead of a daily project, I’m doing a weekly project instead. It seems more doable. Maybe I’ll start a 365 project for New Year’s. 🙂

17. meditate/think on/ work on my insecurities: body image, not being good enough, not being smart enough>> write about it.
Update: Stay tuned.

18. drive down the coast of california 
CHECK: It was epic.

19. rid my life of anything that isn’t beautiful or useful.  Literally. go through all my stuff. This could result in an epic yard sale or goodwill run.
Update: Viet and I have already made some serious progress towards this goal. We’ve been making some major Goodwill runs, and we’re selling/getting rid of some large pieces of furniture. We’ve still got a lot of clutter to get rid of, but we’re definitely on our way.

20. learn 20-30 yoga poses that I can do anywhere
Update: I’ve been working on this one. I hope to post about this soon.

21. actually schedule appointments for at least two date nights a month (starting in May) and create a list of possible date nights to make this easier to schedule
Update: Loved this. Adding the list of fun dates to next year’s list.  

22. learn how to use illustrator
Update: I struck this one because I didn’t research how much Illustrator costs before I added this goal. I mean. . . I’d love to learn and all, but I’m not sure I need to for $600? Instead take an awesome Lightroom Class.

23. learn to play the guitar
Update: Moving this to next year

24. walk from one edge of SF to another
Update: Moving this to next year

25. sew a dress for myself
Update: Moving this to next year 

26. organize all of my photos and all of our music
Update: I’ve already started this, but I don’t think I’ll make it in time. Moving this to next year 

27. have photos professionally taken 
Update: Can’t wait to share the pictures as soon as I get them!

28. take a martial arts class
Update: Moving this to next year 

29. pay it forward
Update: We’ll see if an opportunity presents itself, but otherwise I’ll move this to next year. I feel like this should always stay on my list even if I do it. 🙂

30. host a dinner party
Update: Moving this to next year.  

Check out my recent post on my 30 Before 30 list.



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  1. Joelle saysDecember 22, 2013

    Great list! I’ve just recently started a blog documenting my own ’30 before 30′ list and have found browsing through your accomplished list to be very motivating 🙂


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