Life List

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That blip on the left is a kite, and that guy peeking through up there on the right is the moon. I was sitting in the park a few blocks from my house on a sunny saturday when I looked up and saw this kite floating towards the moon. It just kept moving slowly in that direction. inch by inch. and truthfully, I knew that it probably wouldn’t ever make it to the moon (I know. Gasp!), but I just kept thinking of all the adventures it would have along the way. Oh the places it would go.


My Aurora project is like that balloon. Floating towards adventure.
Aurora is my favorite word. It means dawn in Spanish.

It’s a word that gives me hope. Each new day starts with a new dawn. una aurora.

Before I started Not Merely Living, years ago, I lived in Chile for a while and studied Literatura Hispanica. And while I was there, I kept a blog called una aurora y los mismos cielos and later just Aurora when I moved back to the states.

But that idea, a new dawn and the same skies, was so beautiful to me. That even across the world I was staring up each morning to the new sky.

Each new dawn makes me feel as though I could do anything. Because each day is a new chance to live out your dreams and to embrace the life you want for yourself. To reach for the moon!

The first steps to living your dreams are writing them down, saying them out loud, and then making a plan for achieving them. I’m trying to make those steps an active practice for myself so that I can continue being the person I believe in.

So here are my dreams. Big and Small.

I’m writing them down here, and I’ll keep adding to this list until it gets as big as my dreams can imagine.

Update March 2013:  I recently took a class from Go Mighty to get some tips on developing my life list. I’ve added some new items and changed a few around. If you’re interested in creating your own lifelist, I strongly recommend that you join Go Mighty! Follow me on Go Mighty at Not Merely Living.


Tinybabywrite a life manifesto
Tinybabywrite a the book
Tinybabymemorize my favorite poems
Tinybabydrink champagne under the eiffel tower
Tinybabybuild a disaster preparedness kit
Tinybabylive without clutter (for one month)
Tinybabyleave all of my worldly possessions and travel
Tinybabyorganize my financial information
Tinybabyorganize all of my photos so that they are searchable
Tinybabymake a book bucket list: A-G, H-M, N-S
Tinybabyhike Machu Piccu
Tinybabyeat pizza in italy
Tinybabypractice Tae Kwon Do again
Tinybabyprint a photo a day for a year
Tinybabydrive down the California coast 
Tinybabymake art for our home
Tinybabywrite a list of all of my favorite card games and document the rules
Tinybabydeclutter our apartment


 Tinybabyto all seven continents (three down)
Tinybabyto Tokyo
Tinybabyto Italy
Tinybabyto France
Tinybabyto India
Tinybabyto Russia
Tinybabyto Thailand
Tinybabyto Ireland
Tinybabyto Easter Island
Tinybabyto Brazil
Tinybabyto Spain
Tinybabyto Vietnam
Tinybabyon a trip without a destination


Tinybabya room of my own
Tinybabya bigger and better vintage shop
Tinybabya dog
Tinybabya garden
Tinybabya knitting club
Tinybabyan exercise routine
Tinybabya monthly game night
Tinybabyan annual party


Tinybabyin a local photographer who can I hire to take professional photos of me and the hubs
Tinybabyin a professional site redesign (hire a graphic designer/web developer)


Tinybabyto lead rock climb
Tinybabyto speak vietnamese
Tinybabyto speak Italian
Tinybabyto speak french
Tinybabyto cook 30 key meals (a month’s worth)
Tinybabyto drive a motorcycle or scooter
Tinybabyto make my own piece of furniture
Tinybabyto knit socks
Tinybabyto scuba dive
Tinybabyto use my sewing machine like my grams
Tinybabyto line dance
Tinybabyto be proficient in HTML, CSS, and javascript (check out Codecademy)
Tinybabyto be a really good poker player
Tinybabyto two-step


Tinybabydaily yoga
Tinybabymaking art every day (painting or drawing or other things involving color)


Tinybabymy own dress
Tinybabya quilt (inspired by grams)
Tinybabya fancy blouse
Tinybabya tote bag
Tinybabya dress shirt for viet
Tinybabya skirt
Tinybabya cape
Tinybabymy own halloween costume
Tinybabyadd more items to my list

I am grateful for each new aurora and the promise it brings. Here’s to being the balloon-

Check out all of my latest Aurora posts here.