4 responses to “Tiffany & Tim: Just Married Part II”

  1. Karen saysSeptember 19, 2012

    Thank you so much for all the photos. I was too busy to take pictures.
    Tiffany is so lucky to have met you. You both bring out the best in each other and I know will be life long friends.

  2. Laura saysSeptember 19, 2012

    This is wonderful- you captured the weekend perfectly! You are amazing and I’m so happy that you and Tiff are friends because now WE’RE friends!

  3. Tiffany saysApril 19, 2014

    Meredith!!! How did I miss this awesomeness before?! I just stumbled onto this post and your sweet words and all of it, and omg – tears. Tears of joy that I get to have such a great friend like you in my life and tears of happiness that we’ve gotten to be by each other’s side through our amazing moments and tears of excitement that there’s SO MUCH MORE TO COME!!! Love you friend!!!