4 responses to “Chocolate Macaron Recipe”

  1. Frockfiles saysMarch 27, 2013

    These look amazing, Mere! And who cares if they’re not all uniform? As long as they taste good. And, honestly, looking at them made me hungry so I think the variations are working in their favor.

  2. Mere saysMarch 27, 2013

    haha! Yes. You're totally right. And they were delicious! I can't wait to see how the real ones compare!

  3. Ooh la la! Your macarons look great! And I’m sure they smelled and tasted even better… Pow-wow-ing about your France trip and discussing macaron tasting should happen. Even after four years of working around the corner from my favorite patisserie in Paris, I could never get enough (http://www.pierreherme.com/). My favorite flavors? Olive oil vanilla and passionfruit dark chocolate… In fact, maybe this will inspire me to finally post about the shop 🙂 Great job!!!

  4. Mere saysMarch 27, 2013

    Yes Please!!! I know nothing, and I need to know everything. Lay it on me. I must try this patisserie. thanks so much. I’m so grateful in advance for any tips or advice you can give me!