5 responses to “Currently // 3.15.13”

  1. Frockfiles saysMarch 15, 2013

    I’ve been having a hard time sleeping too. Sometimes I use an app called The Happy App right before bed, and it really helps. Here’s to sweeter dreams! Xo

  2. Mere saysMarch 15, 2013

    Thanks for the tip Joy! I'll definitely check that app out!

  3. Argh – so behind on my blogroll! I am so enjoying sharing our #knitingclub progress on Instagram and am looking forward to seeing where we are at the end (I may have two socks, but one of them will definitely need to be re-knit at the right gauge :). I am also completely excited to have something moving along on the needles again – and the socks are great for the warming weather we’ve been having (as compared to the blanket that is also on my list to work on). Thinking an April project may be possible?

  4. Mere saysMarch 27, 2013

    Me too. I am loving our #knitting club. I may or may not finish both socks by the end of the month, but this project has really helped me to get back into knitting. I am Completely down for an April project. Any ideas?

  5. I think that the Honey Cowl should definitely be a top contender. Socks were an ambitious first project, but it would be fun to settle into something a bit more relaxing 🙂 Finishing is not such a big deal – getting into it all over again is the point for both of us, me thinks… 🙂