6 responses to “Planting Kisses & Spreading Joy”

  1. Kelley Walker saysMay 1, 2013

    This really IS lovely – and I think the heartfelt intention you put into each card is what touches me most! The finders of those cards are very lucky souls!!

  2. Mere saysMay 1, 2013

    Aww! Thanks Kelley!!!

  3. Sherry Belul saysMay 1, 2013

    Oh, Mere! This is absolutely gorgeous. I love the idea. I love the beauty and simplicity of the notes. I really love your photography. It is so much fun to think of all those people who each received a card from the tree, feeling so beautiful and awesome. I’m so happy!!! Thanks for taking the time to participate! 🙂

  4. Mere saysMay 1, 2013

    Yay!! Aww thanks so much and Thank You for organizing this special day! I had such an amazing time planting kisses!!

  5. Tiffany Bird saysMay 1, 2013

    What a beautiful kiss to plant!! Your hand lettering is just lovely and your intention while creating the cards so heartfelt. You are a love to put so much energy in the day! Xo

  6. Mere saysMay 1, 2013

    Thanks Tiffany! I had so much fun!! I love that you and your girls gave out roses. What a lovely experience for them. Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words!