2 responses to “Top Ten // Ornaments”

  1. Lauren | Seventeenth & Irving saysDecember 4, 2013

    Love these! That little elephant is adorable.
    I keep our ornaments from year to year, but buy one new one (if available) wherever we travel. It’s not necessarily themed to that location, but it reminds me of that place when I see it. Have a blown glass ornament from the museum in Tacoma, WA, a gilded pinecone from Seattle, a snowy orb from Vancouver, LOVE from Philadelphia, a pinecone made of mother of pearl from Florida etc etc. I love pulling them out and remembering those trips each year!

  2. Anni saysDecember 4, 2013

    I love these! We’re pretty boring, we have a color scheme going of traditional red, green, gold, and silver ornaments and that’s it. Although Ross worked at Express for awhile, and took the ornaments from their holiday display, so some of them are gigantic. I had to stop him from putting the globe sized ones up!