2 responses to “Not Merely Pregnant // 20 Weeks”

  1. Curry saysMay 6, 2014

    Belated congratulations, Mere! I have the Jane Austen prenatal yoga video, which I’d be happy to pass on to you in just a few weeks when my own bean will be born. Full disclosure: I’ve only used it once! But I’m optimistic about my exercise in the last days of this pregnancy. Sad to have to find a new home for your cat. Ours have dropped to the bottom of the totem pole since Nadia came along, but she loves having them around and they are very tolerant of her love 😉

  2. […] the bump: Can you tell that the bean has grown a bit? I always take these pictures on Sunday afternoons, and I can definitely see the difference from two weeks ago.  […]