5 responses to “Not Merely Pregnant // 27 Weeks”

  1. Katy @ All Sorts of Pretty saysJune 24, 2014

    Dude. In my opinion, you are still so tiny, but I probably think that because I’M SO HUGE!! I’m 3 weeks behind you, but look at least that many ahead of you. Isn’t it funny how everyone’s body is totally different? I try to remember that when I look at my giant round belly and then see your cute little bump – that everyone is different and I’m not just fat. Haha 🙂 I love reading your updates because it makes me look forward to what’s coming next. I’m still feeling him really low, though I’ve felt some movements kind of under my ribs which was different. How are you doing sleeping? Are you sleeping on your back at all or do you find you’re totally okay with side-sleeping? I’m curious since this is something I’m struggling with. And yes! Get to that chiropractor ASAP! You won’t regret it.

    1. Mere saysJune 24, 2014

      It is crazy how our bodies are so different. I keep being worried that my little one is going to be super tiny, but I think I’m just super long. 🙂 It’s nice to hear that you’re mostly feeling low movements too. I think so much is how they’re positioned. I’m doing ok sleeping. I use a bump nest, which has helped me to stay on my side but I was never a back sleeper before. Thanks, friend. Calling the Chiropractor today!

  2. Bean's Grandmother saysJune 24, 2014

    Love you Mere. Counting down the days until I can hug you.
    You look beautiful! I am so excited to spend time with
    You, Viet, and the beautiful little girl growing inside you. Mom

  3. Traci saysJune 25, 2014

    That dress is awesome! Looks like it’ll be a winner whether you’re pregnant or not.

  4. Rebecca saysJune 27, 2014

    Mere, I hope your day on Sunday is just as meaningful, special, and lovely as you. I look forward to seeing pictures of your special day… celebrating you and that precious child you are caring. What a lucky, lucky little girl to be born into your family. May God continue to bless you, your husband, and your little princess.