Random Wednesday Thoughts

*Apparently, I’m really good at driving and parking minivans (who knew?).

*I’m getting sleepier every day, and so I chose sleep last night and decided to write this random post instead of the longer post I had been working on.

*I’m worried that my varicose veins are multiplying (just like my mom always said they would when I got preggers).

*Yesterday was an extremely overwhelming day for me, but I’m already feeling better. Thank goodness we get to start over every day. 🙂

*I’m really bad about waiting until the very last minute to refill my gas tank.

*I love melon.

*I like flow-y clothing-the bigger/longer/flowy-er the better. I fell in love with my new pink oversized kimono so much that I bought a second in black. 

*Viet and I have just started watching Boardwalk Empire, and we’re obsessed.

Happy Hump Day!