2 responses to “Reading for the Bean”

  1. Kelsey saysJuly 1, 2014

    We really liked Happiest Baby on the Block. At about a month we started doing the eat – play – sleep routine and that really helped give our days predictable rhythm and to know what my son was needing when he cried. I also liked a book called Heading Home with Your Newborn, which tells you how to take care of a newborn baby, it could be a good reference to have on hand for those early weeks. I also liked the book Birthing from Within. Parts of it were a too hippie for me but overall I liked the very positive and natural tone taking towards discussing birth and I do have some hippie tendencies 🙂

  2. Kelsey saysJuly 1, 2014

    Oh wait, the eat – play – sleep is from Becoming Babywise! From Happiest Baby on the Block we learned about the swaddling, side position, swinging, sucking and shushing, which were very effective! If you can track down the DVD it’s even better because it’s the same info in a short amount of time and it’s helpful to see the techniques, plus Dr. Karp is quite a character. We checked out the DVD from the library.