One response to “Not Merely Pregnant // 35 Weeks”

  1. Jonathan saysAugust 18, 2014

    We are so incredibly happy for you. Just had to take a moment to tell you that you are, in every way, enough. I’m a worrier. A big ol’ analyzer and worrier. Sometimes it has served me very well, but often it has just been crud-making. Regardless, as a parent for going on a seasoned 8 weeks now, I can tell you a few things based on what I know of you.

    Your empathy will serve you well.
    Your analytical skills and drive will serve you well.
    Your love and care for the world will serve you well.
    Your creativity will serve you well.
    Your connection and the way you value connection will serve you well.
    Your commitment to memory making and building a beautiful world will serve you well.
    Your vulnerability and sharing will serve you well.

    All this and more. Believe me. You got this.
    Some days you will build as you go.
    Some days will be wrapped in second and third guesses.
    And it will be ok.
    And even when it’s not, it will soon be ok.

    Really, you will know what you will be like soon.
    And you will be AMAZING – even when it feels like ya aren’t.

    All the best to you all!