Dear Cathy,

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A year ago I was beside myself. I couldn’t imagine handing my newborn Bean over to a daycare or to a stranger I didn’t know. I texted you frantically, something along the lines of, Cathy, don’t you want to just move up to SF for a year to take care of Beatrice?!. 

I never expected you would say yes or even consider it, but here we are- 11 months after you moved into our second bedroom to take care of our beanshine. Oh how the time has flown.

Yesterday was your last day with us. I could barely hug you goodbye without starting to cry. It’s ok for me to cry now. Tears at the end of this special and important chapter of our lives. You saved me from so many tears in Bea’s first months of life. 

I went back to work without tears or worries, because I knew Bea was in your capable, calm, and loving hands. You are more than family to us. You have been her caretaker and her teacher and her friend. You watched Bea with such wisdom and care. You have encouraged her through every developmental stage. You gave her structure and support and allowed her to flourish, grow, and explore. I have learned so much just from watching your quiet, thoughtful but firm way with her. 

I couldn’t find any way to express my gratitude to you. I tried to write you a note, but I just couldn’t capture the weight of what it means to have someone so expertly and thoughtfully steward our daughter through her first year of life. Only here, in my safe writing space, am I finally able to try to articulate my gratitude. 

As a first time mom feeling my way through parenthood and returning to work and sleepless nights and going on gut, you were the calm, confident presence that helped keep us afloat. 

And you have done it all with such grace. You came into our home and constantly helped us in small ways and big ways to learn how to be a new kind of family. I know that it was a huge deal to move your life up here, away from your fiancé, for nearly a year, but I just want you know how much it has meant to us. And even if Bea doesn’t remember, we will tell her the stories of how lucky she was to be in your care.

Thank you a thousand times. I know we can never repay you for this great gift you’ve given to us, but we will always be grateful. 

With love,


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