Not Merely Pregnant (2.0) // 21 weeks



Pregnancy this time around has been bizarre and baffling in many ways. I’m larger than I was last time, but like others, I have less time to think about the growing little one in there. Although there are many familiar feelings and sensations, by and large this pregnancy feels like its own unique experience. I’ve passed the half-way mark, and I can’t help but feel emotionally very similar to the way I’m sure I felt the first time around: so excited to meet this little guy and welcome him into our family and so confused about how our lives will adapt to this new reality of family. 


  • the bump: Just keeps getting bigger. It feels, shockingly large to me compared to last time.
  • the pounds: At my 20 week check up, I was +7 pounds. I feel good. My maternity jeans are all the same size as my non-maternity jeans, so my main goal is just not to gain too much wait in my legs (wear my body loves to pack on extra lbs :). 
  • the cravings: I am hungry a lot. Recently I’ve been craving pickles and carbs. I’ve taken to eating whole wheat bagels. oh, and chocolate. craving it big time. 
  • the clothes: I’m in all maternity jeans, but I’m still not large enough to wear some of my favorite maternity tops. 
  • the exercise: Still loving prenatal yoga, but I haven’t been able to go as consistently as I would like. 
  • sleep: still feel just ok about my sleep. I’m still having crazy dreams and lots of heartburn. I finally pulled the trigger and ordered a pregnancy pillow because my hip joints were starting to ache, and my obgyn suggested I get a thicker pillow to put between my legs. 
  • the aches: my lower left back pain is back
  • the swelling: not yet
  • movement: so much! this guy is a rollin’ and a groovin’ in there. 
  • unexpected: heartburn! I didn’t have any heartburn that I can remember last time, but this time it feels nonstop. I need to order some serious tums. 
  • queasiness?: none
  • gender:  In case you missed it, it’s a . . . 
  • belly button: still in but starting to pucker
  • rings on?: yep
  • Eating confessions: I may have bought a box of swiss cake rolls today. 
  • New weirdness: Well, we’re not calling the baby Biscuit anymore. Viet just decided to start calling him Pancho (short for Francisco like San Francisco), and I was hooked. Pancho, it is. 


start knitting the Pancho’s blanket
figure out, what, if anything we’ll need this time around
buy a double stroller done! and we love it! It was definitely a splurge, but I’m so happy with it. 
keep up with prenatal yoga
start doing some daily squats

Dear Pancho,

I can’t wait to meet you little guy. We’re working on a name but don’t have any solid leads yet. Feel free to send some inspiration my way. 🙂 I can’t wait to hold you in my arms, but you’ve got a lot more growing to do. Stay safe and just keep focused on getting bigger and stronger. 

You are so loved, always,