Dear August // Weeks 17 & 18

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Dear August,

You’re four months old! At your checkup we learned that you are 26 inches long (88th percentile) and 13.5 pounds (12th percentile). Apparently you haven’t fully filled out your length yet, and you haven’t quite doubled your birth weight. You got your second set of shots and scared the dickens out of me when you stopped breathing for a second. The nurse looked startled and told me to turn you around. Once I got you up to my chest you started screaming. 

You slept through your first pumpkin patch visit: 

You love your new nanny, Carolina, and she loves you. This makes me so, so happy.
20161023-img_3950 20161023-img_3953

Life is moving too fast. We haven’t quite figured out how to keep up with things. We haven’t quite gotten our new routine down with two working parents. The dishes and laundry never stop. None of us are quite getting enough sleep. We’re all hungry. all the time. 🙂


and yet, I’m almost 100% sure I’ve never been happier. There is so much love in our little family. We’re so tired we can’t stop laughing. Your sister is absolutely wonderful and so fun and completely exhausting. You only have eyes for her. 


Sometimes I think you look like Bruce Willis:


You’ve gotten a little bit fussier with me nursing in the evenings, but I think it’s because you’re getting more used to the bottle during the day. You’re still sleeping 7-8 hour stretches. 


You love to laugh. 


I’m a little worried that you haven’t gained more weight, but you seem to eat around the clock. 


What else? You’re strong. We adore you. You are very chatty (which of course I love).  You have this musty baby smell that I can’t get enough of. 


Your eyes are still blue. 🙂

20161023-img_3956You are so loved, my dear August, always,