Dear August // Weeks 21-24 (aka November 2016)

Dearest August,

I’m sorry I’ve fallen behind on your letters! It’s been a crazy month. When I wrote Bea weekly letters during her first year, people often told me that parents only did those sorts of things for first children. I was determined when I was pregnant with you to write you weekly letters too.

Then the reality of having a newborn and a toddler set in, and I started writing bi-weekly letters. 

Now the reality of traveling, holidays, and your sister’s terrible twos have stretched this letter to a monthly one. I will strive to be better. I even completely missed your five month photo, so instead we have a five 1/2 month photo that I took today. C’est la vie. 

The truth is that things are so much busier with two kids than they were with one. Not unmanageable, not unbearable, not even unenjoyable (life is very enjoyable around here)-just fuller, more breathless, and slightly more hectic. So what have we been up to in November? Let me try to recap for you:

-Well, first. The election happened. We were in shock for a few days. 

-Then we did a little something called Friendsgiving. It was epic. You mostly slept through it. 

-Your sister got Croup right before we left for thanksgiving, and she’s still sick. We’ve so far been able to keep you from getting to sick (thankfully), but we’ve had a lot of sleepless nights around here. 

-We went to Universal Studios with the Hansons. It was super fun and super exhausting:

-You’ve been growing so fast. You’ve almost outgrown your bassinet. You seem as though you may be very tall. đŸ™‚

-You seem happy and chill. You’re eating solids and starting to babble all the time. You love your bouncearoo.

You continue to be a dreamboat baby. 

We love you dearly. 

You are so loved, my Dear August, always,