Dear August // 9 months and change

Dear August-

You were playing with your sister and your Papa tonight when I walked up behind you.

When I said, “Hey, Bubba!” You turned around, looked up at me, smiled, and said: “Ma-ma.”

I was so shocked. I looked at your papa to make sure he heard it too, and he nodded. I started crying. 🙂 I was so overwhelmed by your sweetness and the moment and my love for you.

Your first word was “Hola!” Apparently you say it every day at the park when your friends arrive.

You have two teeth on the bottom that have been there for a while, and two on the top that have just broken through and are beginning to drop. 

You love people. You smile at strangers. You love to laugh and talk and play. You’re crawling and pulling yourself up. You are strong and sweet.

You don’t want to eat anything pureed anymore. It’s only real food for you now. 

No matter how much we feed you, we can’t seem to chub you up. 🙂 You’re about 18 pounds and 28 inches. You seem as though you may turn out to be a big kid, my love. 

You’re an awful sleeper. You wake up several times a night to nurse. The sleep is the hardest bit. Other than that, you’re a dream baby. Some things don’t change. 

You’re an absolute dear heart, and I love you. so. much. 

You are so loved, dear August, always,