Dear August // months 6 & 7

Dear August,

You’re growing so quickly, my love. You continue to be such a sweet, calm soul.


Eight months is just around the corner, and you’re growing stronger and more interactive every day. 

You’re a fresh breath of sea mist air on a crisp sunny day.  

You’re eyes sparkle with joy. You’re quick to laugh and quick to smile. 

You’re very emotionally in-tune with the people around you to be so young. You reach out to nuzzle when someone’s leaning towards you. You are quick to snuggle your face into someone’s shoulders. 

You eat everything and anything so far. I’m hopeful this means you’re going to be a good eater like your sister. You can pick up cheerios now and feed yourself. You can’t get enough to eat or drink, and as a result, you’re not sleeping. You wake up 3-6 times a night to nurse.

Even when we put you in the crib across the room, even when you try to sleep in the other room down the hall-you’re still hungry. Instead of stressing about how you’re not learning to self soothe or we’re not feeding you enough during the day or-or-or, I’m just trying to be grateful for the extra time to cuddle with you while you’re still in this squishy-lovey soft face. The feel of your cheeks on my arm, the soft sigh you make when you drift back to sleep-I want to remember the weight of your little body up against mine as you snuggle in. These are the days. They are precious and fleeting and worth the weight of the world. 

Luckily, you go back to sleep very easily. You rarely cry except to announce your hanger. You’re a big baby. Much bigger than your sister was at this point but leaner and longer. You’re cheeks are starting to droop a bit, but nothing like your sisters’ at this age. 

You’re starting to really move around. You’re not quite crawling but you can still wiggle and roll your way across the room. You’ve pretty much got sitting down. 

You’re a talker. You seem as though you’re going to be an extrovert like myself and your sister. You crave people and love to jabber. You don’t like to be alone. I love our little chats. 

Many people have told me that it’s as though you can look straight into their souls, into their heart of hearts. You’re eyes are as deep and beautiful as the ocean. They’re still mostly blue with some waves of brown. You seem like an old soul, an old man trapped in a baby’s body.

You’re handsome like your papa. The curve of your jaw and the deepness of your smiling dimples remind me of him. You’re so adorable that you make my heart ache.

You love your sister so much. Your smiles and giggles are brightest for her. You lean towards her with a fevered excitement. The moments between you two are the ones I tuck away for later to re-remember. 

You love your Carolina so deeply. There’s a strong bond between you two, and there always has been. I am so, so grateful she is in our lives and taking care of you. We are so lucky to have her as our guardian angel.

We never knew how much you would complete us until you were here, but each day we feel it more strongly. 

You are so loved, my dear August-




Dear August // Weeks 21-24 (aka November 2016)

Dearest August,

I’m sorry I’ve fallen behind on your letters! It’s been a crazy month. When I wrote Bea weekly letters during her first year, people often told me that parents only did those sorts of things for first children. I was determined when I was pregnant with you to write you weekly letters too.

Then the reality of having a newborn and a toddler set in, and I started writing bi-weekly letters. 

Now the reality of traveling, holidays, and your sister’s terrible twos have stretched this letter to a monthly one. I will strive to be better. I even completely missed your five month photo, so instead we have a five 1/2 month photo that I took today. C’est la vie. 

The truth is that things are so much busier with two kids than they were with one. Not unmanageable, not unbearable, not even unenjoyable (life is very enjoyable around here)-just fuller, more breathless, and slightly more hectic. So what have we been up to in November? Let me try to recap for you:

-Well, first. The election happened. We were in shock for a few days. 

-Then we did a little something called Friendsgiving. It was epic. You mostly slept through it. 

-Your sister got Croup right before we left for thanksgiving, and she’s still sick. We’ve so far been able to keep you from getting to sick (thankfully), but we’ve had a lot of sleepless nights around here. 

-We went to Universal Studios with the Hansons. It was super fun and super exhausting:

-You’ve been growing so fast. You’ve almost outgrown your bassinet. You seem as though you may be very tall. 🙂

-You seem happy and chill. You’re eating solids and starting to babble all the time. You love your bouncearoo.

You continue to be a dreamboat baby. 

We love you dearly. 

You are so loved, my Dear August, always,